Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has many benefits such as high impact resistance, consistent texture, durability, scratch resistance, and is environmentally friendly.  Powder coating has thousands of color and texture options which can be used as a decorative and protective/functional finish.  It is generally used on metallic surfaces, such as steel and aluminum.  To learn more about powder coating, please visit Powder Coating Institute’s “What is Powder Coating” page.


BOOTH SIZES:  13′ W x 9′ H x 30′ D and 6′ W x 8′ H x 8′ D.  OVEN SIZES:  8′ H x 10′ W x 29′ D and 8′ H x 8′ W x 26′ D.

Spray Coating – Paint

Water and solvent based spray coatings (aka Liquid Coating and Paint) can be applied to numerous substrates including metal, plastic, and wood.  Powder coating is not always the best choice.  Liquid paint may at times have benefits and features that are better suited for a variety of conditions.  This service is a great option for coating parts with heat sensitive materials, such as rubber seals and bearings and can easily be color matched.  All liquid materials are procured for your individual or organization’s coating specifications.  Let Skagit Powder Coating be a part of your project’s planning process by calling today!


BOOTH SIZE:  Call for details.

Spray Coating – Ceramic

Ceramic coating offers the perfect coating solution for parts and projects where heat, chipping, and corrosion are major concerns.  Ceramic coating aids in thermal cycling reduction, increases the speed and quality of exhaust gas flow as well as offers improved performance in exhaust pipes, headers, and turbo parts.  Don’t go through another restoration project without ceramic coating those headers at Skagit Powder Coating!


BOOTH SIZE:  Call for details.

Blasting – Garnet

Garnet is a naturally occurring stone. It is very hard and clean and recycles well. Because it does not fracture as much as a slag products do it is a good choice for blasting softer materials like aluminum, brass and even cement.


BOOTH SIZE: 8′ W x 8 ‘ H x 25’ L x 11’ W x 14’ H X 50’ L

Blasting – Black Magic

Black Magic is a Coal Slag. It is usually considered a one shot abrasive but can be reused a couple of times. Main users are ship yards to blast hulls of ships and contractors use it on bridges, water tanks, large fuel tanks, and steel structures.


BOOTH SIZE: 11’ W x 14’ H X 50’ L

Blasting – Plastic Media

Plastic media is considered a non-destructive abrasive. It is very soft and recycles well. It does not affect the surface being blasted and will not profile. It is strictly a coating removal process. Plastic will also not remove rust. Most common uses are vehicle restoration, air craft components, and very thin materials.


BOOTH SIZE: 14′ W x 8′ H x 32′ L

Blasting – Glass Bead

Glass bead is a spherical product. It is used in peening processes and polishing. Usually used on stainless steel components but can be used on a wide range of applications.



Blasting – Other

Other abrasives available include: Steel shot and grit, crushed glass, baking soda, starblast, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, walnut shells, corn cob, pecan shells, green diamond, and ceramic.

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